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Perfect People 2​​
It's like life, but in a game!
Kiss. Date. Get Married. Make Babies. Raise Them.
Chat With Your Grandchildren.
Upgrade Your IQ.
Get A Job.
Win Awards.
Love Your Pets.
Advance Medical Science.
Discover Alien Life.
Play The Stock Market.
Chat with Friends.
Perfect People
Slap -> Tickle -> Kiss -> Enjoy!
Live your life in this insanely fun game. Meet new people, kiss them, slap them, marry them for all I care!

It's not just meeting people. You can grow yourself too. You can get smarter, stronger, richer, whatever-er.

There are 12 levels to play. The first few are pretty easy to win - they're just training levels. The later ones can get real interesting.

It's a lot like the Sims except that you can live out your life in 10 minutes instead of 10 hours.

I like it. It looks like it's real easy, but there's a ton to do.

ABCs Song
Sing it! Learn it! Love it!
A fun new way to learn the Alphabet and Numbers for your toddler!!!

Sing along with the ABCs & 123s Songs in ENGLISH, SPANISH, and GERMAN!

Choose from either FAST or SLOW speeds!

This app does not have IN-APP purchases!

It's safe and it's simple.
We hope you like it!
Battle Room
A real-time space multiplayer game.
Match your skills against your friends in an all out deathMatch!

Supports up to 4 people simultaneously on the same iPad.

● Smash fighters into enemy hulls.
● Launch Destroyers and BattleStars against fortified positions.
● Send Shockwaves careening across the screen to wipe out entire fleets.
● Defend your bases with shields and rotating cannons.
● Convert enemy ships and bases to your own with Energy Field Computers.
● Upgrade your Fighter Launcher to horrifying levels!
● Team up with your friend for 2v2 battles.
● Create a Season with up to 16 people for 12 weeks of insanity and mayhem!

Battle Decks are key to victory.
Each Deck will consist of a different set of cards.
Cards are used during battle to launch ships, shoot massive laser beams, and
much more.

Quasar Phase
Space Battle!
A real-time strategy space battle.

Evil Leprechaun
Think Fast or Die!
Nine coins on a Tic-Tac-Toe board.
Swap any 2 coins to get 3 in a row.

Collect Gold Coins for points.

Use Green Coins to scare the Evil Leprechaun away.
Fire Magic sets the whole board into Bonus Mode.
Air Magic wins the Jackpot.
and Water Magic ...

Mad Monkey
8-bit Retro Casino Madness!
80s Arcade Machine: will you have a baby with me?
Casino Game: uhm, sure...

9 spins later...

Doctor: my god, it's an abomination!
Nurse: i think it's kinda cute ;)

Stock Market 30
Fundamental Stock Analysis.
Calculates the Fair Price of a stock based on its
Balance and Income sheets.

The calculation is based on the ideas presented

by Benjamin Graham.

The Stock Picks page will show you the best deals

in the market.

You will need to analyze the business itself to know

if the company is something you should invest in.
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